SoFlo to SoCal

This weekend Matt & I will be traveling to San Diego to visit some of his family. We have a direct flight from Ft. Lauderdale so I’m pretty happy about that 🙂  We were supposed to go last month but Hurricane Matthew rearranged our travel plans a bit. I always look forward to the opportunity to travel to my favorite US city! The first time I visited was only in 2013, so I’m still a newbie and learning all the ins and outs of this beautiful west coast land.

Some of my favorite spots so far include Encinitas, where you can explore the sacred grounds of the Self-Realization Temple or visit the Jois Yoga Center, and then grab a relaxing bite to eat in one of the many local cafes; the incredible Balboa Park – taking a stroll through the Japanese Friendship Garden and teahouse; Old Town – who doesn’t love wandering around a reminiscent town of yesteryear and finding colorful, inexpensive Mexican treasures? And also I really enjoy quirky little spots in the city like the Aero Club and Vin de Syrah.

For a southern hemisphere-loving lady like myself, San Diego has everything one could ask for – amazing beaches, a mild and sunny climate, great culture and entertainment options, delicious food, and close proximity to the mountains and nature; just an all around lovely landscape. If it wasn’t so darned expensive to live, we’d be there in a hot minute.

Last time we were visiting, we hiked a popular trail at Cowles Mountain and were able to take in this stunning view of the city.

Cowles Mountain

Since Florida lacks a very diverse terrain and low humidity, it’s always great to enjoy the west coast for a nice change. I also love the desert flora and all the interesting creatures you’ll find living here. The desert landscape against the blue sky backdrop is just gorgeous!

CA Desert

If I was a local, I think I would have a very hard time splitting my time between the mountains and the beach, although I’d have to say the beach would likely win out. After a morning of hiking or mountain biking, it would be nice to cool off and relax on the shores of the Pacific.

Robin & Matt

The fall is an excellent time to visit San Diego because the weather is just perfect. Like Florida, where the weather is brutally hot and afternoon thunderstorms abound during June-August, summer isn’t the most ideal time of year in San Diego either, because you get a lot of overcast and clouds from the marine layer (mostly in the mornings but sometimes can last for the better part of the afternoons as well). They call it the June Gloom and it tends to get better as the summer months wear on, but to be safe I’d recommend planning a trip in September or October, when the ocean water temperature is pretty warm and the clear, sunny, warm days abound.

Could I please have a little bungalow in San Diego and be bicoastal? Pretty please with seashells on top?!

Sandy Feet

“Life is better in flip flops”

Screen Shot 2016-06-20 at 9.53.30 PM



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