The Conch House

My husband and I decided to visit St. Augustine, FL, one of the most beautiful cities in the state, and notoriously the oldest city in the nation, to scope out sites for our legal ceremony, which we needed to do after getting back from Mexico (they don’t make it super easy to legally wed in Mexico). We knew we would bring just a handful of people with us, a couple friends and family that would be in town. We had in mind a simple ceremony on the beach in the morning before it got too hot, followed by lunch at a seafood restaurant on the water. By the time we arrived mid-morning, we were jonesin’ for some food, so we looked up a few places on our phones and found one called the Conch House that would turn out to be perfect.

Conch House

I love their tag line, ‘If you love the Caribbean, you’ll love us!’ Because if you know me, you know I happen to love anything island-themed, tropical, and beachy, so Matt knew right off the bat this would be just the place to take me. We arrived and noticed right away that they had something really unique and special in their outdoor seating area, tiki huts right on (and some over) the water! What a cool place 🙂

Conch House St. Augustine

Unfortunately, it had just started raining when we got there so we had to eat inside. We ordered brunch and were both delighted with what we got and the presentation of the meals. I ordered basically a fruit platter because my stomach hadn’t been feeling that great all morning and Matt got a shrimp & eggs platter (which I may have snuck a few bites of!) They were absolutely delicious and we learned that they only serve brunch on the weekends, so we were sure glad we got to try these yummy dishes. Also, every Sunday from 3-7pm during March-October, they have live reggae music and a big deck party.


After finishing our meals, the sun came back out so we ventured out to the patio to check out the live baby gators they have and survey the rest of the scene. It turned out that the huts can fit up to 8 people so we knew we’d be good for bringing our guests here, and the food had already convinced us, so we then left to check out the beaches and seek out the perfect spot for the ceremony. We ended up settling on a overlook point at Anastasia State Park. My best friend even got ordained so she could marry us. Maybe another blog about this to come! I just love weddings, sometimes I think I would really enjoy being a wedding planner.


A few weeks later when we did return, the weather was fine but we arrived around noon and it was already blazing HOT. A member of our party was 7 months pregnant and we had just sweated profusely taking photographs on the beach after our mini second wedding, so we again opted to eat indoors, where it was cooler. So now we just have another reason to go back again and finally eat in one of those cute little huts! Everyone greatly enjoyed the food and nautical decor, and we also discovered an upstairs bar and eating area with a great view of the water. We capped off the afternoon with a stroll through the shops downtown and a visit to the Pirate & Treasure Museum, which is a must-see attraction if you are in the area. Arggh.

Brunch Gang

In addition to the restaurant, there is also the Conch House Marina, where you can fish and do all kinds of water activities, and even a motel on the property as well. So really, you could just have a whole little vacation experience if you want to do a weekend getaway. I’m glad we found this southern charm to host our Florida casual reception lunch, and I’m definitely going to tell people about it if they are planning a trip to the area. Nom nom nom nom!

Conch House Marina

Mr. & Mrs. Frey = Now Legit! ❤

Do you have a favorite place to grab grub in St. Augustine or another coastal town? Love to hear your recommendations! Xo

Screen Shot 2016-06-20 at 9.53.30 PM


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