A Sunny Hello!

This is such an exciting time to introduce Sunny Day Living to the world. Summer is right around the corner, school is almost out (I am currently a school teacher so this is an especially exciting time), and longer days filled with endless sunshine are so close, we can feel it already!

My name is Robin and I am the creator of this summer lifestyle blog to bring you sunny inspiration all year long. I believe the sun rays have healing powers that can transform our mood and mindset, as well as our bodies – who doesn’t feel better after a nice afternoon sunshine bath?!

I also just found out that my fiancé and I are moving clear across the country from Oregon to Florida (yes, the Sunshine State!) because he found an amazing job opportunity there. I’m so proud of my man 🙂 Stay tuned for tips on relocating to a sunny locale (we’ll be moving in the next month), so the timing of this entry couldn’t be more perfect.


Thank you so much for reading. I look forward to sharing some fun-in-the-sun vibes with you and inspiration to live a more colorful and positive, happy, healthy life!

Screen Shot 2016-06-20 at 9.53.30 PM

“Some beach….somewhere….” – Blake Shelton



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