Sunny Day Living is a movement created to inspire happiness, simplicity, and ease of living through the celebration of sunshine, warm weather, and all things beachy and tropical – no matter where you live.

Life can seem just about perfect on a sunny day at the beach, but most of us aren’t able to immerse ourselves in a tropical locale 24/7. Even if you live in a cold climate many months of the year, daydreaming about your next warm getaway and golden tan, do as Jimmy Buffett said and ‘take the weather with you’. Remember, it’s always a sunny day somewhere! There’s a silver (or golden) lining just above the clouds.

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At Sunny Day Living, we bring you year-long summer inspiration through fashion, wellness & fitness, food, beauty, home decor, entertaining tips, travel destinations, & more. Let us quench your thirst for a mental margarita in paradise whenever it’s needed.

Robin L. Frey, Creator of Sunny Day Living

A lifelong passion for laid back, tropical-breezy living inspired Robin to dream up Sunny Day Living. Growing up in the Northeast, spending summers on the Jersey Shore, Robin was convinced as a child that there was no place better than the beach. Fond memories of family vacations spent in Florida during the winter months prompted her to move there after college, where she worked for several years, before moving to Oregon for a new career opportunity. While still not too far from the beach, one thing was notably missing on most days however, blue skies and bright sunshine.
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After 4 years of enjoying the beautiful Pacific Northwest (rain, clouds and all!), Robin moved back to Florida with her fiancé Matthew when he was offered a position with jetBlue Airlines. The move presented Robin with the perfect occasion to launch Sunny Day Living, which had been in the planning stages for awhile.

Robin graduated with her Bachelors degree in Communications and is currently finishing up her MBA in Marketing. In the past, she has worked as a yoga instructor, proposal writer, and high school business education teacher. She has four sweet little fur babies, 2 cats + 2 pups!

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